5K number 6…..no wait

I was on track to have 6 5K’s completed by the end of March but then Snowmeggaden hit. After a beautiful 50 degree Saturday I was convinced that all the snow hype was just in the weatherman’s head. I prepared myself for a cold (with maybe a few flurries) 4 mile run. 5K number 6 was actually a relay and I had the first 4 mile leg.  But around 8pm they emailed us saying that it appeared  just as the race would start so would the snow. I was bummed!

And I was irritated when I woke up Sunday morning and there wasn’t a single snowflake on the ground. I debated going for a 4 mile run but decided I would take advantage of a lazy Sunday. So I headed to redbox to rent a movie – you know just in case we did get stuck inside all day. On my way home from grabbing the movie it did start to snow and by days end we had over 12 inches of snow. So I guess those weather forecasters were right for once.

Oh well I will have to complete number 6 later.


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