Pinning continued

Oooops! I forgot to mention these pins in last pin post

Homemade wheat thins I am big fan of wheat thins so when I saw this pin I thought it would be good to try out. I was hoping this would be a money savings, but it was not. Making the dough was pretty simple and most of the ingredients were everyday ingredients. After making the dough you need roll it pretty thin, but we don’t own a rolling pin so I couldn’t get it rolled out super thin. They turned out OK, they sort of tasted like wheat thins but they were a little thick so they were soft and not crispy like wheat thins. I think I will stick to buying the yellow box in the store.

Coffee pancakes – This was an intriguing pin. Over the last year I have gotten on a coffee kick. So pancakes and coffee sounded like a yummy treat – especially since we often have pancakes for dinner. To get the coffee taste you use instant coffee. These turned out OK they had a hint of coffee but it was not the coffee experience I was expecting. Pancakes in our house will most likely remain plain (or pumpkin) and we will enjoy a hot cup of coffee with them.

Sorry to be such a downer with these fails. Hopefully I have some more successful pinning coming.


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