5K Number 5 – Putting a little shamrock in my step

Surprisingly I had never run the St. Patrick’s Day run. Last year was the first year I felt that I could successfully complete a 5 mile run. However, St. Patrick’s Day was a on a Saturday and I wouldn’t give up a St. Patrick’s day in Dogtown for a run. I do have my priorities.
But this year my schedule was open and I was healthy enough to run. I knew I wanted to go all out for this run. I have been dying to run in a tutu and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity. St. Patrick’s day brings out the crazy outfits so I knew I would fit right in. Below is picture of my run outfit.

The run went great. I finished the run in about 55 min –5 miles in under an hour is a great time for me. It helped that the route was pretty flat and in complete circle (just the way I like them). Plus there was a lot of people in costume and people setting up along the parade route so I had lots of things to keep my mind off the run. Although I did have a few angry moments when people were sporting clovers and not shamrocks. This may have helped me pick up my pace.

Before I knew it I was crossing the finish line and had completed by first St. Patrick’s day run. And to celebrate my awesome run and St. Patrick’s day my mom bought me a cupcake. What could be better a run to burn on the calories and a cupcake to replace them.

To top off the St. Patrick’s day fun I registered for the run as Erin Corkery, so for this run I was good ole Erin Corkery – something I haven’t been on paper for 5 years! Maybe that is why I ran so fast? Probably not but it’s fun to pretend. And it was fun when I picked up my shirt to say Erin Corkery. Yes, I am easily amused!

5 5K’s down moving right along to 6.


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