Number 60: Replace eggs with bananas in baking

I have often seen articles about baking substitutions and how to make food cleaner by substituting ingredients. We had a lone box of cupcake mix in our pantry and some pretty ripe bananas on top of the fridge, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to try something new.

After consulting several baking blogs (thank you Google) I had figured out my ratio and was ready to bake. As the cupcakes went into the oven I noticed they smelled super bananay. I baked them at normal time normal temperature and in end I had cupcakes. But in a blind taste test you would be able to tell I had messed with this recipe. And just by looking at them you could tell there was something off.

The cupcakes were very moist and didn’t hold up like a normal cupcake. Plus they still smelled of banana and tasted like banana not a yellow cupcake. I wouldn’t say they were bad – just different.

In the end I decided that I should just leave well enough alone and use the ingredients the recipe calls for, unless I am in a bind.

Never know until you try, right?



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