Number 59: Attend a pub crawl

I know there are a few of you out there that are saying wait a minute you attended a pub crawl your senior year of college. Yes, that is true but I am talking an organized pub crawl where you pay money to do it – and are usualy dressed up crazily. St. Louis offers a lot of fun pub crawls and some of them even support charities.

Jake and I attended the ugly sweater pub crawl. This pub crawl is usually called the ugly Christmas sweater pub crawl but they had to reschedule it to after Christmas so it became the ugly sweater pub crawl. Most people were decked out in Christmas attire though. With the help of my aunt and her bag of ugly sweaters Jake and I were able to come up with these lovely outfits

We had a great time on the pub crawl, in fact someone had too good a time and we had to cut the night short. I won’t name names but lets just say he rarely smiles this big.

I think you will see the Risk’s on future pub crawls – and hopefully someone has learned to pace themselves so we last longer.



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