Number 58: Attend Murder Mystery dinner theatre

Last year I bought a date deck, which is a deck of cards that offers discounts for fun date night activities around St. Louis. A friend of mine also bought one and we decided that this would a fun night out and we could cross it off our “want to do lists”.

So on a cold February night we headed to the Lemp Mansion for murder mystery dinner theatre. Not long after we arrived they started handing out cards to everyone with the names of characters on them

I was….


And Jake was…..


The card listed your characters back story and any connections to other characters. You had to read the story so when the two main characters (the paid actors leading the show) made mention of your character you knew when to chime in. Both Jake and I had times where we had to speak. I even had to get up and act out a scene! I am not good with improv but I think I fared OK.

In between the story line we had tasty 3 course meals and some drinks. It was a fun night out with other couples and we got to hang out in the historic Lemp mansion. I would consider doing this again as long as we went with a group of people. But it was on the pricey side even with the date deck coupon. There are a few other places in St. Louis that offer this type of event so you might see you again as different characters.

I might add that neither Jake and I was the killer in the story – but Jake was able to figure out who done it before the end of night. What a smart man I married – good ole Goober!

A picture of the ladies before the show started



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