Number 57: Take a fondant class

I have been no stranger to the cake/cupcake decorating class. Decorating with icing can be fun and if you know what you are doing easy. However, fondant is a different story. Fondant while being the texture of playdoh can be a bit tough to work with. It dries out quickly so you must be fast and decisive when using it to decorate. Two things I struggle with in practically all areas of my life.

But when I saw that a fondant class was being offered at our local bakery (who also did our wedding cake) I thought it was time to conquer my fears. Below are two pictures of the fondant bow and decorations we created. While not the best I was proud of my creation.


I will let you in on a secret – we made each piece of the bow let them harden then assemble at home -hence the toaster and coffee mugs in the background. Icing was used as the “glue” to make the bow stay in place.

The class was fun and it did give me a better understanding of how to work with fondant but I am not sure it will become a staple in my decorating techniques. And fondant can be expensive- AND no one eats fondant it’s just for show. That makes it really hard for me to spend money on it – but sometimes a little glitz and glamour are needed. Stay tuned to for further decorated treats on the blog.

If you have the chance to take a cake decorating class in any form – DO IT! They are fun, informative and gives you an excuse to eat cake. All important things in my life.


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