5K #4 — Cupcake run!

So remember at the end of my post on 5K number 3 I was hoping for better weather for my next 5K? Well that didn’t happen. 5K number 4 was a cupcake 5K at a park in Festus. It was freezing and icy. As we drove to the 5K it was snowing!

I kept thinking you will be fine just focus on running to the cupcake stations along the route. However, this proved to be a little treacherous. The first down hill portion had a thin layer of ice so it took some careful stepping in order to successfully get down the hill. Usually down hills are a blessing!

The cupcakes along the route were OK, nothing special. I wouldn’t drive to Festus for them but the proceeds of the 5K were going towards children’s cancer research so that made it worthwhile. We ran through the park so you had to do 3 loops- I prefer one big loop. But when there are cupcakes involved you have to make exceptions!

Onto to 5K number 5! Which is actually an 8K – yikes I better get back on the treadmill!


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