#3 5K rain or shine!

5K number 3 proved to be a doozy. When I woke up it was cloudy and cold. As I began to get ready for the race the rain started to fall and then the came the thunder and lightening. By the time I arrived at the start line it was pouring and the temps at dropped to the low thirties. But as every runner knows once you are at the start line there is no turning back.

To say that this sucked would be an understatement before the race even started by feet were soaked! But when the horn sounded off  went. I do have to say that the dodging of puddles did make the run more interesting. The course was basically flat which I loved and I got see a new part of the city. Yes, it was rainy and windy but I ended up having the best time of all my 5K’s this year – even making my 2nd mile faster than than my first. Although by mile 3 my windbreaker and pants were getting a little bogged down so it was getting hard to run!

This was the Run for Chocolate 5K so you got a chocolate medal at the end and a cup of hot chocolate. You could sign up in one of several categories based off your relationship status, each status had a different color shirt. So you could be on the market, off the market (me), scared of commitment etc.

Yes, this was a little unpleasant but in the end I can say I ran through rain and wind to complete my new years resolution.

On a side note by about 1pm that day it was sunny and 60 degrees! Oh St. Louis weather you can be a major B**** sometimes.

Onto to 5K number 4! Here’s hoping for better weather!!


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