A pin here a pin there

Yes, it’s time for a Pinterest update! The first is a pin I missed in all the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

Candy tray – Truthfully I might have blogged about this guy already but I can’t remember. And as a warning if you click on the pin it says it’s spam (I don’t think it was when I pinned it). But I am sure you can find another just like it if you try. I was really leery if this would work, I mean hard candy in the oven. But it did work like the directions said it would, mine didn’t turn out the way I pictured but if I had given more thought to the design I might have had a better outcome. I can’t find the picture I took but I used red and green mints and made a small tray. The issue with this pin is that you really need to make these and give them away you can’t save them year to year. It is a cute idea for cookies or any kind of holiday bar you might be putting together.

Whipped cream shapes – This was a fun one! You buy a container of cool whip and then put it in a 9×13 pan or something that is bigger than the tub.


Then just use a cookie cutter and place in your hot cocoa. I did a shamrock as my test and was really happy with the results. The only thing is if you needed a lot them you would have to buy a lot of whipped cream.

Mocha Swirl Bread with Espresso Glaze – This looked and sounded amazing and ended up being just ok. The recipe was pretty easy to make – but I was not able to achieve the swirls that are pictured by the pinner. I don’t think it had a heavy espresso taste and ended up being very dry. This one goes on the chopping block but it did look pretty!

Cream Cheese chocolate chip cookies – We recently attended a trivia night for my niece and nephews school. And everyone knows that trivia night means snacks! I thought these sounded interesting. Again another pretty easy recipe to follow. Let me tell you I will be making all my chocolate chip cookie request using this recipe – but I will cut down on the orange zest. The cookies were moist and delicious (except for the hint of citrus). A big plus was that they stay moist even without storing them with a piece of bread. This is a keeper and I recommend you try it!
Twix bar cookies – So I made these because I thought our new neighbors had moved in and I wanted to introduce myself and give them some sweet treats. I wanted them to like us so that when we put the house on the market they would tell prospective buyers nice things about us if they asked. Hey you never know!!! But I was informed by Jake that the cars I had been seeing were the old owners cleaning out the place in preparation for the new neighbors.Oops! That meant the cookies went to work with me the next day. These were ok, they are basically cookies with chunks of twix. If you know a twix lover this would be a good recipe to have on hand. Otherwise stick to the chocolate chip.


spinach smoothies -I pinned this one on a whim. It’s hard for me to get in my daily servings of fruit and veggies and every health magazine says eat leafy green veggies. I made a smoothie with a lot of spinach and you could not taste or even see the spinach.  This has been a staple in our house and I have even mixed it up with different fruit and yogurts. If you are looking for a sneaky way to get in your fruits and veggies I would pin this one!! Everyone else seems to be, I kid you not I get at least 2 emails a day that someone has repinned this from me. A huge plus is that it is easy to make and you don’t need a lot of items on hand. I make a large batch and freeze it. 
Mascarpone Frosting – Jake made a recipe using a small amount of mascarpone cheese but we still had a lot left over. I decided to try my hand at making mascarpone frosting. Just like they do on cupcake wars!!! As I made the frosting I was little worried it was going to be too runny but I turned up the speed on the mixer and amazingly I got frosting. No, not frosting – heaven in a bowl is a better description. The frosting was creamy and had just the right amount of sweetness. It complemented the cupcakes nicely. This has become my go to frosting – and you only need a few ingredients.
Unfortunately I have to end with two fails
DIY sugar scrub – Mine did not end up looking like the picture and I got oats all over the tub. Plus the tub got really slippery. I didn’t notice any difference in my skin either. Think I will be sticking to the professionals in the future!
Wood staining – Sorry I can’t find the pin for this one – but no worries cause it didn’t work. I was excited about this one since our 5th anniversary is coming up and it’s the wood anniversary (according to the traditional gift list). I followed the instructions of letting the steel wool sit in the coffee ground and vinegar mixture overnight.  When I applied to the piece of test wood I had bought. All I got was a coffee ground mess. I tried a few coats but it was just water and grainy. Another item to leave up to the professionals!


That’s it for now! Hope you found my successes and failures helpful.
Thanks for reading!


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