5K number 2

When I registered for my first 5k I got several flyers for upcoming 5k’s and since my first 5k was in Belleville most of the flyers were for 5ks in IL. So 5k number 2 ended up being in Belleville starting at the Lindenwood campus.

The theme was luau and the profits went to Special Olympics. Many people were dressed up in grass skirts and coconuts bras, me I was bundled up trying to stay warm in the 27 degree temps. The course was pretty flat and had many twists and turns – which helped keep my mind off the temperature. What I didn’t like about this one was that it wasn’t a straight loop, at one point you turn around and loop back. So at one point all those fast people were passing me. Not that I was worried about winning, I enjoy running and I don’t do it for the awards but when people are lapping you it’s kind of defeating. At least in my eyes.

Overall it was a fun 5K, after you crossed the finish line you got a lei which was fun. I hoping my next 5K is  warmer!


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