Number 56: Take a painting class

Yes, I do think I was born with a creative bone but a painting one – not so much. I heard about a company called Vino and Van Gogh.  They offer painting classes at local bars and restaurants so you can have a little vino and paint. You don’t need to be a painter to take the classes and they offer step by step instruction.

Well, as soon as I saw a Living Social deal for it I bought and then recruited friends. My friend Sarah was able to join me for the “fun”.  Quotes are a must when saying fun about about this activity. Most people were first time painters so we didn’t stick out, but even with the simple instructions and help from the instructor I could not get my hands to paint the way she was telling us. I tried but everything seems to get to over exaggerated or totally out of scale.

The finished product turned out OK and now I know that painting is not my thing. I would say it was fun but not an activity I plan to do again. The cool thing was the painting that night was of a Cardinal so it fits into theme of our house.



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