the evolution of the list

When I first began my journey of “the list” I took a stab at getting together a to do list, just so I wasn’t starting from scratch. Below is the list I complied when I decided to make 50 New Things my new years resolution.  Keep in mind I was just trying to get some things down and trying to figure out if I could get to 50. I A few are a little crazy but hey the idea was about getting out of my comfort zone. also reached out to family and friends and asked for suggestions. The items highlighted in yellow were completed! I am hoping to cross a few of these off the list this year. The full list I completed can be found in my post from 9-25-12 in case you were curious.

Looking at all the white on this list and the Pinterest I have a lot of experiencing to do! As always I am open to suggestions on what I should experience in life. Please let me know what’s on your list or what you would like me to add to my list so you can live vicariously through me.

1. Snow Ski

2. Learn to play poker
3. Zipline
4. Eat sushi
5. Try a new restaurant
6. Try something new at the Y
7. Volunteer
8. Visit the glass blowing factory
9. Learn to use eyeliner
10. Learn how to do a bump (hair) – this is in progress
11. Sky dive
12. Take a helicopter tour
13. Watch the Godfather movies
14. Have a garage sale
15. plant a garden
16. climb a mountain
17. trapeze class
18. white water rafting
19. gator hunting
20. read a compass
21. go to a different religious ceremony
22. go kart
23. do to a drive in
24. play bingo in a bingo hall
25. wine tasting


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