germs be gone!

Yikes! January started off with Jake being sick and then me. And this wasn’t your normal sick for a few days and then you’re better. Both us were experiencing symptoms for weeks. But I think we are on the mend! Which is good thing because we are going to need our energy to survive our social calendar for the next couple of months.

Despite the sickness I was able to find some time for a few Pinterest experiments.

Crock pot Ribs – Being cooped inside we thought we would bring a little summer into our house. While I not a huge rib fan I wanted to see if crock pot ribs would be any good. Especially since ribs can be a pain to make. They turned out pretty good, very tender and the meat feel right off the bone. The only with this recipe is that it isn’t just using your crock pot you do have to put them in the broiler so it’s not a throw in the pot and your done meal. However, if you are looking for an easy rib recipe I would recommend them.

Chocolate Covered Banana Split Bites – I made these as an appetizer for our annual Gamma Phi mother daughter tea. They were a hit! And bonus not hard to make. The pinner said she had better luck using Popsicle sticks over toothpicks. But I found that toothpicks were easier. I had a lot of fruit break as I tried to get on the stick. To make you just cute the fruit (strawberry, pineapple and bananas) put them on a toothpick in any order you choose, freeze them for a bit, then dip in chocolate. To melt the chocolate I used this tip on Pinterest – I put the chocolate in a mason jar then put the jar in the crock pot (filled about half way with water). I was skeptical this would work. But it worked amazingly! I didn’t have to watch the chocolate over the double broiler or figure out the right microwaving temps. This is definitely how I will be melting chocolate going forward.

Banana Bread – I came home last week to find bananas going bad and sour cream about to expire. With a quick Pinterest search I found a recipe that uses both! And as an added bonus I got to use my new mixer. This was quick and easy and tasted great. I recommend and will be making again- I am really bad about letting bananas go bad!

Not a ton of experimenting going on but I have a few things coming – so stay tuned. I hope everyone is staying well in 2013.


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