1 5K down 12 to go


Just 5 days into the new year I was on my way to completing my new years resolution to run 13 5K’s in 2013. The unique thing about this 5K was that it was at night and you got to run through the light displays at Our Lady of the Snows in Belleville, IL. You normally drive through this attraction and most 5K’s are in the morning. I was happy to start my new challenge off with a different type of 5K.

Yes, it was pretty chilly but since we hadn’t gotten a chance to drive through the Snows in years it was fun to see all light displays and even run under the arches of lights set up throughout the display. The route was a lot hillier than I expected but I made myself power through and took on the hills with a vengeance. I might have slowed up a bit but I didn’t want to walk them and that was important to me. This one did take a lot out of me, I hadn’t really been running with the craziness of the holidays and the cold weather. I was glad I made myself do this one, it was very family oriented and you could hear people telling stories about previous years and who they ran with. I liked that families made this a tradition just like decorating for the holidays or sending Christmas cards.

I would do this one again, the lights are pretty and it supports a great cause. Plus instead of the usual t-shirt we got fleece headbands to wear when running in the cold.

Onto 5K number 2…..

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