Number 55: A mixing we will go

This year for Christmas Santa was generous enough to bring me a stand mixer! The fact is that I have wanted one for awhile but I had never even touched one till I got my own. I was envious of my friends and family that had them sitting so nicely on their counters but now by counter is adorned with one.

Just like a kid on Christmas I wanted to play with my new toy so I decided to make Champagne cupcakes(thanks Pinterest) with the practically full bottle of champagne we had leftover from New Years Eve. From the minute I through the sugar and the butter in the bowl to cream I was in love. I could put in the ingredients in and walk away to prepare for the step. No usual mess that the hand mixer makes when working with wet and dry ingredients.

The cupcakes came together pretty quickly and soon were in the oven. Quick interruption to this post. I found this tip for cooking cupcakes on Pinterest (where else). You preheat the oven to 350 but once the cupcakes go in you knock down the heat to 325 which makes them rise and look nice and pretty. Truthfully I am not sure if it was this tip or the recipe or the my new mixer but all the cupcakes came out pretty uniform and a lot prettier than what my cupcakes normally look like. So I will using this technique on my next couple of batches of cupcakes to test it out.

Once the cupcakes were in the oven it was time to start on the icing. And this my friends is one of the main reasons I wanted a stand mixer. When I was taking my cake decorating class we had to make several batches of icing for class and making them with a hand mixer while giving my arm a workout was also very tiring! It was so much easier to make icing with my new toy! However, I was not impressed with the taste of the icing, it was not a true butter cream recipe and I think that caused it to lack in taste. But it gave me practice with the mixer and complemented my cupcakes nicely.

I think I will be doing a lot more baking so watch out you may just have a cupcake delivery at your door one day!



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