Christmas at the Risk house

This year we celebrated Christmas with my mom, brother, sister-in law and nephew a few days before Christmas in order to cut down on the chaos of the day. With one Christmas down Jake and I got to sleep in a little before opening our gifts from each other.

While Jake got his beauty rest that morning I made coffee and cinnamon rolls. I Christmasfied (probably not a word) our coffee mugs as seen below

I made the cinnamon rolls in the waffle maker. This was yes,you guessed it a Pinterest pin. A lot of pins claim that once you make the item a certain way you will never go back and most of the time I disagree. Like the cake batter rice krispy treats – nothing special there! But these were tasty and easy and quick. This is a great trick for summer when you don’t want to turn on the oven and heat the whole house up. I was really impressed that this worked and they tasted great, Jake however prefers the oven version but when you are the chef you choose the method. I liked them because they were like mini cinnamon waffles with a glaze of icing. Can see the reindeer I created?

We enjoyed our coffee and waffles by the tree as we exchanged gifts in our PJ’s. It was a great morning! Santa spoiled me this year with some nice gifts, so lucky to have such a wonderful husband (and gift giver) in my life.

Hope your holidays were wonderful as well!


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