Number 54: Try deer sausage

Yes, another list item – remember my list from 2011?!  I haven’t been as diligent with getting new things done but this year I plan to make more of an effort. Maybe we can get close to 100 by 12/31/13.

Anyway back to the point of this post. One of Jake’s co-workers gave him some deer sausage (along with some other items) as a gift for Christmas this year. While I do eat meat I am SUPER picky about the meat that I do eat. So I have never been brave enough to try deer sausage, summer sausage – yes but deer just seemed to scary.

But I took the plunge last week and tasted a piece of deer sausage. And you know what? I liked it! I should have tried it sooner definitely better than any summer sausage out there.

So the list gives me another benefit – I found something new to eat and (I’m guessing) is better than the greasy summer sausage we buy in the store. Stepping out of my comfort zone has proved that their are benefits. I know I know it’s only a piece of sausage but to me it’s a symbol of taking steps to trying new things to being open to what the world has to offer. You will note I was not this spiritual after I tried the oyster in the summer of 2011. That experience was one that made me step back in the box.

However, each experience good or bad had been a learning experience and I am excited about what 2013 brings.

What are some food items you were afraid of and then tried?



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