I have been a pin trying fool…………….

And I mean this in a good way. There have been several wins in the pinning category along with some misses but all in all I am still a Pinterest fan!

This one was a win – post-it presents I made them for my co-workers and they loved them. They were pretty easy to make and they are super fun. If you are looking for a gift for a co-worker (anytime of the year) this is a must. Or if you have friend or family member who likes to make lists this is a great gift idea as well. Sorry I didn’t take pictures of the ones I created but they were similar to the pictures on the pin.

And now a big fat fail. Edible glitter. I tried to make this glitter and I got was hot red sugar. Below is the after picture, not very glittery and not at all like the picture. Has anyone tried this and had success?

I made these (deconstructed) Boston Creme Pie cupcakes for my mom for Christmas. Well let me correct that sentence. This was a team effort between my lovely husband and myself. He made the pastry creme – since you can end up with scrambled eggs if you don’t do it right and he has had more kitchen experience than me. Technically the creme is supposed to go instead the cupcakes but my cupcakes didn’t rise very well so instead of cutting off the tops we layered the pastry creme on top of the cupcake and then drizzled the chocolate over the tops. They were a big hit at Christmas! But they are going on the won’t make again list. Next time mom wants Boston Creme Pie we are headed to the grocery store. Below is a picture of the finished product – Jake was the artist behind the chocolate drizzle.
Our 5th wedding anniversary (wow how did that happen!) is coming up in March. I thought I would stain a wood frame as part of my gift to Jake (5th anniversary traditional gift is wood). However, this was a huge fail.  I created the staining solution just like the pin said, but when I went to apply the stain all I got was a grainy mess. I think I will just stick to buying my frames in the store! Plus the solution was pretty stinky – not worth the hassle in my book.

I made both pistachio cupcakes and cookie dough stuffed cupcakes for Christmas celebrations this year. Both go into the yes I will make these again category. Both were pretty easy to make and used pretty simple ingredients. The next time I make the cookie dough stuffed cupcakes I think I will make bigger cookie dough balls for the center. This being the first time making them I was afraid to use a lot of cookie dough. Below is a picture of how the cookie dough stuffed cupcakes turned out. The pistachio turned out like the picture on the pin. The great thing about finding the pistachio cupcakes was that I learned by adding a box of jello to cake mix you can make any flavoring of cupcakes you want! Watch out I have a feeling I will be using this trick a lot in the future.
My two other Christmas creations were a sausage and cheese shaped tree and prosciutto stuffed brussels sprouts. I was surprised at how well the tree came out, it actually looks like a tree. This was a  nice holiday no cooking recipe and might resurface again. If you look closely at the picture of the brussels sprouts below you will see that they are not stuffed, due to poor quality at the grocery store the brussel sprouts selection was pretty slim. There were very few sprouts to work with so instead of skewering the two halves together in between the prosciutto I improvised and just did one half brussel sprout and some prosciutto. These would be an appetizer I would make again plus the pin has several other appetizer ideas too.


Last but not least is a pin I am sure you all have seen – personalized plates. You buy a plate (or in my case a mug) you use a sharpie to add a recipe or a persons name or something else then bake it in the oven for 30 min at 350 and there you go instant personalization! I was a little worried my dollar store mug would not hold up to the heat of the oven but it did and I got a very cute little creation. This would be an easy gift for someone at any time of the year. A win on my end.
That concludes the Pinterest update. With the holidays I had a lot of chances to try out new recipes – thanks family and friends for having us over! I am looking forward to trying many more recipes and crafts in 2013!


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