Did you put your shoe out?

Growing up we always made a point to put our shoes out on Dec 5 before going to bed. Why you might ask? Because every Dec 6 St. Nick comes and leaves presents in your shoe. But only if you have been  a good little girl (or boy). St. Nick’s day was always celebrated in the Corkery household even if sometimes he had to come later evening – you know sometimes he gets delayed lugging all those gifts around. The gift weren’t anything elaborate but they were fun and yummy. St. Nick really liked to leave chocolate in our house 🙂

This is a tradition I have kept up in the Risk household as well. St. Nick comes every Dec 6 with a little gift for certain people in our household – even if he thinks it’s silly. He does a lot of things during the year that get his name on the Nice list!
I love holiday traditions and to me St. Nick’s just makes the holiday season more exciting. And this year he even left a little something for me. He must have been in a hurry cause he missed my shoe and left it on the bed.

I definitely will be supporting these this season. Thanks St. Nick! Hope to see you next year!


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