More Pinterest projects under my belt

Yep it’s that time again! I have had the opportunity to try out a few pins on Pinterest. First I will start with the recipes.

1. Ritz-Carlton lemon pound cake. I found this pin by chance and thought it would be a good recipe to bring into work since I work with The Ritz-Carlton on a daily basis. It ended up being very tasty and a big hit at work. The only thing is you have to put 2 sticks of butter and half a cup of shortening in this recipe so it is not very healthy. I probably won’t make this again, yes it was good but I think I can find more heart healthy recipes for lemon pound cake. The recipe can be found here if you are looking for a tasty pound cake.
2. Pistachio Cake. I love pistachio’s almost as much as I love pumpkin so when I found this pin I knew it was a must make. The recipe is pretty easy and the cake came out the same green color as the picture. Which made me very happy (see picture below). The cake tasted good but was not super pistachioy (is that a word?). I think I might add some real pistachios next time. This is a keeper! Plus it’s green! Find the recipe here 
3. Baked Mozzarella Sticks. This was a disaster with a capital D. You’re welcome to try the recipe found here but I did not have success. Basically you wrap mozzarella cheese in wanton wrappers and bake. Well I did this and the mozzarella leaked out of the wanton wrappers. There were a few that the cheese stayed put but the wanton wrappers did not cook very well and I in no way got the nice brown the picture shows. This one is going in the delete pile for sure!

4. Pink Zebra cookies. I made this for a Gamma Phi Event. Pretty simple, just make sugar cookies add some food coloring and bake. Then when you take them out of the oven put Hershey’s hugs in the middle. My cookies did not turn out as pink as the ones in the picture seen here with recipe. But it gives me the idea that I could put any color in the dough and get some cute cookies. I will be making these again.

5. Irish Car bomb cupcakes. Yes these sound fun, but they are a ton of work! This recipe was for Guinness cupcakes, with whiskey ganache and Baileys frosting. Yes I could have just made cupcakes but I wanted to stay true to the recipe I had pinned. They aren’t hard to make but there are several steps and making icing with a hand mixer is just plain hard. They tasted ok but I didn’t find them to be spectacular plus the ganache and frosting don’t cook so you get the alcohol content unlike the cupcakes where the Guinness bakes off so you need to be aware if you have children around. You can find the recipe here. Below are a few pictures of how the turned out, I could probably have found a cuter way to serve them.

these are what they looked like after I filled with the ganache.
6. Buffalo “Chicken”-Vegetarian Style. Another disappointment. You make these with cauliflower. I am a big cauliflower fan and thought this would be tasty. They were just blah. The first step is to coat them in a buttermilk and flour mixture and bake and then you toss in buffalo sauce. My coating would not stay on when I tossed them in the buffalo sauce. Plus the amount of buffalo sauce listed in the recipe totally over powered the cauliflower. Here is the recipe if you want to try your luck.
7.  Now onto a cleaning tip I found. I was super excited to see this one for 

 “MIRACLE” CLEANER”. The picture showed that this cleaner could make cookie sheets look like new. My cookie sheets have seen better days so I wanted to give this a shot. And is was a huge fail! This miracle cleaner didn’t take off any dirt and did not work like it said it would. Here is the tip. I had high hopes for this since the bathroom cleaner tip I found worked like magic. Guess I just have to buy new cookie sheets!

 Before and after picture – no changes!

8. Ornament wreath. I’m sure you have seen many pins for these kinds of wreath. Here is the one I used.  I will say that when the directions say to hot glue the top of the ornament to the ornament before adding to the wreath DO IT!!! I thought my tops were in pretty good well I soon found out that they needed the hot glue. I lost a few ornaments before taking everything off the hanger and starting from scratch. Luckily I had my mom over as I was doing this craft and as a team we were able to come up with a pretty nice wreath. This was a simple craft and with the right color ornaments you could make one for any holiday. Below is the finished project. I plan to hang on my door at work.
So that’s my Pinterest update. I already have my next couple of pins planned or in the works but I might need to wait till after Christmas so I don’t ruin any gifting surprises.
I hope you are having good luck with any pinning you may be doing!

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