What a ride………………….

I am totally behind in posting this but I was going through my phone and found all the pictures from playoffs 2012. I thought 2011 was an emotional ride! 2012 proved to be just as thrilling. While we didn’t come away with a win ;( it was fun to be apart of playoff fever. It was even fun to sit in the freezing cold and rain to see a playoff win.  Jake and I actually got 3 hours to sit and down and talk to each other instead of just quick conversations due to our busy schedules.

Looking forward to another fun season of Cardinals baseball only 2 months till Spring Training starts!!!! Then regular season is right around the corner. Oh crap I guess that means we will have a bill arriving at our house very soon.



NLCS – brrrr cold but happy!                                                

                                                                                                                                   Yaaa!!! The 3.5 hr rain delay is over!
That’s a winner! Totally worth 8+ hours at the ballpark and the cold.

Happiness!                                                                    Sadness – what a difference a day makes!!


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