I ran 13.1 miles?! What the What!!!

That’s right! I was crazy enough to do it again. After the first half I did say I was done with half marathons but I was getting the itch over the summer and my friend Jody gave me the final push to sign up. So I trained like crazy- I was a lot more religious about getting my runs in and getting in so many miles per week. Which I find funny since I did the training by myself and did train with a team like I did last time.

I will admit mid training I hit a wall but thanks to Pinterest I was able to find a ton of inspirational quotes that I then printed and pasted on our back door. This is the door I would go out of when I headed out for a run. Along with my runtastic app that give me motivational texts throughout training I was able to power through.

And you know what!? All that training, all those miles, all the blood, sweat and tears actually paid off. I ran the entire thing, no breaks no walking just my feet hitting the ground one after the other. Going into the race my goal was to beat my previous time (2 hours 49 minutes) and to run more than I did last year. I truly did not think I would end the race saying I ran a half marathon. But I did and it felt great. I finished in 2 hours and 35 minutes.

I really felt like my training has made me a better a runner and another half could be in my future. I would like to travel for the next one. Any readers out there living in a fun place that can recommend a half — that is in the fall. I need to get back on the training schedule.

I have taken a little bit of a break from running – with it getting dark so quick it’s hard to get in after work runs, and the cold makes it hard for early morning runs. But I did buy a treadmill so hopefully I will be back on track soon.

Thanks Jody for talking me into doing this!

Until next time


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