I have a door!!!!

Back in September I moved into my first official office! When I got my promotion to project manager back in July there was talk of my getting an office but nothing definite. Luckily by September one had freed up and I was able to move.

This was super exciting but I panicked at the same time. An office meant I need to decorate and that is not a strong suit of mine. But slowly it began to come together and with the help of Pinterest I was able to put my person touches on the place.

I have been in my office for about 2 months now. It was a bigger adjustment than I expected. My view has changed so that now I see people walking down the hall, in my cube my back faced the hall. I find myself taking more notice of the people in the hall and looking up from my work. I make it a point to get up several times a day and interact with my co-workers so that I am not that creepy girl show sits in her office all day. I do feel more by-myself than I did in my cube. But it is nice to shut my door sometimes and block out the hall noise or eat my lunch without someone appearing at my desk mid bite.

I think I have finally settled in and got my furniture and decor all straightened out. Not going to lie it’s super fun to say “lets meet in my office” or “I’m headed back to my office”. Yes, I do feel more powerful now that I have an office and that gives me confidence. Which is something I really need to work on gaining more of!

Here are few picture of the items I made:

I covered an old bulletin board in fabric                                   Here it is hanging up in my office

These are clothespin I covered in scrap book paper

Hot glued push pins to the back

                                     Now I can hang pictures without getting that funky little hole pushpins leave

And here are a few more offices views. If you want an up close and personal view give me a call we will do lunch!

 Bulletin  board with pictures                                                            Desk, filing cabinet you know the basics

                                                    And of course a cupcake picture!


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