Number 53: Blog consecutively

When I started my blog I in no way thought I would be an everyday blogger. I liked the idea of blogging and thought it would a fun hobby- and it totally has been. Although I have gone through some dry spells where I didn’t blog. I give major props to those that take the time to blog everyday.

I decided to give the consecutive blogging thing a try – way back in July. I think I made it about 4 or 5 days. I found it hard to come up with things to blog about that would be interesting and people would want to read about. I am not really sure who is reading anything I post anyway. But like I told myself when I first started it didn’t matter if I had readers, blogging is fun and can be a stress relief. Sometimes I might be venting and sometimes I am just giving an update. But it’s an outlet for me to express creativity and practice writing skills. I never thought of myself as a great writer or that I can accurately put down in words what my mind is thinking. Blogging allows me to perfect my writing and tell a story.

My blog is my way of journaling and sharing my thoughts with anyone who cared to stop by and read. It is also another medium for me to keep up with family and friends  They read my blog I read theirs and we have learned about all the fun new things each is up to.

I don’t think blogging on a daily basis is for me. One I am not that interesting and two life is so busy and I don’t want this fun thing to become a chore. However,  I would like to post more often. I think it’s fun reviewing past posts. As I blog more and the years go by it will be fun to read what was I was up to and the opinions I had at that point in my life.

Thanks again for stopping by to read!



One thought on “Number 53: Blog consecutively

  1. I've never thought of myself as a great writer either, sometimes I have more trouble with the writing than I do with the actual post. Also, take it from me, posting everyday is tough! I only tried to do 31 days and I failed, although I hope to catch up!

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