Did somebody say the P word?

I fought it and I fought it but this year I gave into the Pinterest craze.I just knew that if I joined I would be sucked in and my crazy busy life would just get busier. Well the more I heard people talking the less I could resit it! So yes, I joined. And yes I am addicted!

I have really tried to limit the number of things I pin. Because in my head every time I pin something I see it added to my to do list. In order to not stress out over Pinterest I make sure to set aside time to actually do some of the things I pin. And once I have tried a few things I then allow myself to pin some more items. To help with the whole making time thing – cause that is not easy for me- I am having monthly Pinterest parties at  my house. Everyone brings their crafty items and a snack and we all just hangout and craft. What could be better!!?

Although I fought it I am glad I joined, not only did it give me an excuse to get my friends together it allowed me to craft items for my house, try new recipes and find a multitude of tip and tricks for everyday life. To date I have tried several things I have pinned (stay tuned for those posts!) and I have made two items I have pinned. After I try/make a pin I either move it off it’s original board onto a “have tried board” or I delete it. If I didn’t get good results I am not going to clutter up my boards and by having a “have tried board” it gives me a sense of accomplishment  I can go back to the board to see what I have completed and use it as a resource for tired and true items.

Joining also fit with my new resolution of cooking more, since the site has a TON of recipes it has helped me get ideas and learn new techniques. And…….this will also help with my Christmas challenge of doing 90% of my shopping outside the big department stores. Yes, that means lots of homemade items this year and lots of crafting going on in the Risk household.

You find out very quickly with Pinterest that just because the pinner says it’s easy and can be completed in just  a few steps it usually doesn’t go that way. Below are two items I have made, the original pin is on the left and the one I made is on the right.

Not going to lie I was a little proud of the monster wreath. I couldn’t find the green tulle the pinner used; the green I used is actually a little darker in real life, the picture makes it look super light. This was a good starter project and I could tie the tulle while watching TV. The wreath is now hanging on my office door.

This one was a tough! It’s supposed to be a pumpkin made out of a paperback book. I thought this would be cute in our house because I love pumpkins and I love to read. Well cutting a book so every page is the same size is not easy. Plus the only orange spray I could find is super orange. At one point I brought in reinforcements to get the book cut – my mom! Thanks for the help mom! While it doesn’t really resemble the picture I still have it displayed at our house. I did take the time to make it and it fits into the quirkiness of our house.

You can definitely look forward to more Pinterest posts – successful, disaster, frustrating whatever they may be! I do recommend the site, it has so many good ideas. Feel free to follow me on Pinterest and happy pinning!!!

One thought on “Did somebody say the P word?

  1. I love Pinterest, but it can be overwhelming at times. This post reminded me that I have several things pinned that I need to get working on, maybe I should start with Leah's birthday party items! I can't wait to see more of your pinterest crafts!

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