Life after the list…………….

So technically the list is done but as I stated earlier I plan to continue to try new things and keep you updated. The list continues but it doesn’t take primary focus in my life. Last year I had a deadline so I was constantly working towards that goal of finishing the list. I had such a great time with the new experiences (well most them – I still cringe at the thought of an oyster) but it will be nice to not feel like I have to do so many items per month.

The list gave me both confidence and inspiration to try new things out of my comfort zone. I am so glad I decided to do it and that I will continue to do “the list”.  Below is the full list, in case you were curious.  They appear in the order I completed them. What should be included on the list? I need recommendations………

50 new things!

 50. take a Piloxing class

49. Use a redbox

48. Sit in a box at Scott trade

47. Back my car into a space at work

46.  Eat at a new restaurant in a different state (and not look at the menu ahead of time)

45. Take a wine class

44. Attend Burlesque Bingo

43. Make a microwave cupcake

42. Talk in front of a group

41.  Run

40. Cook dinner at the Ronald McDonald house

39.  Eat pancakes in a casino

38. Have a garage sale

37. Bid (and win) at a live auction

36. Keep score at a baseball game

35. Smoke a cigar

34. Eat an oyster (or at least attempt)

33. Scuba Dive

32. Take a carriage ride

31. Be on YouTube

30. Zipline

29. White water raft

28. Eat from a food truck

27. Buy a pair of shoes online

26. Have an old time photo taken

25. Volunteer for a September 11 project

24. Eat Sushi

23. Be in a flash mob

22. Rent a purse

21. Drink a non-alcoholic beer

20. Play with a rubix cube

19. Run a half marathon

18. Watch The Godfather

17. Ride in a sailboat

16. Buy something off of Craigslist

15. Get up early and shop on black Friday

14. Try oatmeal

13. Listen to a book on tape (CD)

12. Eat at Gus’s pretzels

11. Read the bible           

10. Learn to use a sewing machine

9. Make cake pops

8. Make a diaper cake

7. Take a cake decorating class

6. Attend a baseball card show

5. Complete a (mini)Triathalon

4. Run on a beach

3. Learn to play Bunco

2. Go to Ikea

1. Shoot a gun

2 thoughts on “Life after the list…………….

  1. Repel off a building ;)Hot air balloon rideRock climbingCooking class (for something you've never made/scared to make)SkydiveParasailKaraokeBrew your own beerHost a murder mystery partyGo on a haunted tour of: The Lemp Mansion/Alton/etc.Build a piece of furniture/something for your house (Power tools!!)

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