Number 1: Shoot a Gun

So I am finally getting to post item number one off my list! Yes, if you are counting it’s a little like 9months to late, but I already admitted that I didn’t fufill the 2011 resolution of 50 new things but I came damn near close to getting there.

I fully expected to have finished the list in early 2012 but life and the weather just got in the way (stay tuned to later posts to get this reference). Yes, there are a few new small things I have done but I didn’t think they warranted the number one spot on this list. Remember My list. My rules.

Anyway, I have been talking about this item for several years and to tell you the truth I was all talk for awhile. I did really want to shoot a gun but my fear of the unknown and of killing or hurting someone kept me from doing it. There was also a part of me that was afraid I would like it, that it would be something I found enjoyable. I didn’t grow up with guns in my house, we were taught that only policemen had guns and guns were a very dangerous thing – yes even city kids like me are taught guns are bad. Likewise, I didn’t have a family of hunters either so guns were not apart of my childhood. I suppose that kind of makes me lucky that I was able to grow up in safe environment and I didn’t have to wonder early on what it felt like to hold a gun. Not that guns in a home are bad – there are many responsible people who keep them for safety and hunting and I am not here to argue about the right to carry. It’s about me and my first gun experience.

I find it kind of funny how I got to cross this item off my list- I bought a Living Social deal (one of those deal a day website to which I am totally addicted). Who would have thought that you get a deal on shooting a gun! The best part was it was for two people so my girlfriends and I picked a date and headed to the shooting range on a Sunday afternoon.

As a first timer it was very very overwhelming, to think the thing I hold in my hand could kill you made me a little weak in the knees. But I felt that I needed to cross this off my list not only because I had wanted to do it but I had never laid a finger on a gun. Yes, they are scary but only because it’s new and I knew nothing about guns. Knowledge is power, learning how to safely shoot and load a gun is not a bad thing. While I know I do not have the mentall capcity or aim to shoot someone in a threatening situation I do now know what it feels like and that God willing I would know how to pull the trigger.

When I got up to take my first shots I was so nervous but I also had faith in myself that I could do this, I could shoot a gun at target. After a few shoots I had to take a break, the power was a little overwhelming. But after a few rounds I was able to get the right feel in my hands and actually take aim. Not going to lie one of the targets I picked to shoot was a “bad guy” pointing a gun at me and I played different scenerios in my head of having to shoot him – most were that he had harmed my wonderful husband. I do realize that shooting a gun is no joke but in a controlled enviroment I dare say it can be fun.

I was shooting a 22 revolver – the littlest they have. When I told the guy I was a newbie he recommeded it cause it was a good starter gun. But I did get the chance to shoot a .22 automatic, our other group of more experienced friends had a gun with a little more power.

I truly don’t see myself going back, yes at times I was having fun but my nerves were on high alert. Knowing that I have some gun knowledge does make me feel safer even though I don’t own a gun. A new experience and a lesson all in one.

Below are the targets I shot and yes a group shot of the ladies! Girls just wanna shoot guns………………….


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