Organic Christmas

So I may be stretching the title of this post – but work with me here. Christmas is right around the corner, although according to many stores it’s already here. I am guessing they want you to just forget about the two other holidays in between Christmas so they can start raking in the money. Christmas in my opinion has become very commercialized, that is why I absolutely love Thanksgiving- food and family what could better?  But I digress the point of this post is not to shoot down Christmas in fact it’s quite the opposite, it’s about Christmas gift giving!

While Christmas is more to me than gift giving I do love to shop and find the things that will make my family and friends happy. It’s so fun to find the things that when they open them they smile and think how did she know? or how did she remember I said I needed this or I liked that? When I am shopping for any kind of gift I really look for something the person needs or will use, I don’t buy gifts just to buy gifts.  So as I thought about the Christmas season of 2012 I decided that I will buy 90% of my gifts from local stores, small businesses, and direct sale companies.

I know that I won’t be able to stay out of the mall this season and there might be some gifts that I will need from the major retailers. I am OK with this because those retailers do need some support – they just don’t ALL my support this year. St. Louis offers a lot of local business districts (Kirkwood, The Hill, Main St. St. Charles, etc) plus I have several friends in direct sale businesses. I would like to put my money back into my town and my friends and find gifts that are one of a kind or unique. I think this will not only allow me to find cool gifts but open my eyes to what is out there and learn about a city I have lived in all my life and possibly I will learn about new direct sale companies.

With the rise of Pinterest I am sure I will be both giving and receiving a lot of handmade gift items. Which is totally fine with me, handmade gifts are the ultimate complement. Someone took the time to make you something and time is a precious thing these days. So not only are you receiving a gift but you also receiving a piece of them. Yes, that might be a little to philosophical but I value my time and others time.

Before Jack Frost begins to nip at our noses I am looking for your favorite small businesses that you shop with either at Christmas or on a daily basis. These can be any kind of business, I give food gifts, dog gifts, quirky gifts and many more. Any recommendation is appreciated! As well as hints as to what you like at the store- maybe Santa Erin will put you on her list 🙂

Happy Fall (almost!)

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