Being rewarded with baseball

Last week I received a meeting invite from the president of our company asking me to join him and group of other coworkers in the Maritz box at the Cardinals game on Thursday afternoon. I of course accepted this meeting request  ASAP- what could be better an afternoon away from the office and watching Cardinal baseball (in an air conditioned space!).

But my mind began to wonder – how did I get on this list? what did accepting this invite mean? When I went to pick up my ticket I bravely asked the admin assistant how I made the list. I was informed that I had been nominated for going above and beyond on one of the committees I serve on.

I was super excited to spend the afternoon watching baseball but I was also excited to spend the afternoon with my hard working co-workers. We have a lot of great people that work at Maritz and often we are all so busy we rarely get any down time to just hang out. Although you can take the workers out of the office but you take the office out of the worker. We were all constantly checking email and discussing work related topics. But I guess that is how we got there in the first place, focusing on our jobs and the people we work with.

                                                 View from the box while enjoying an ice cold beer

I really enjoyed the afternoon which included tons of food and drink, a dessert cart and a shot! Plus the Cardinals won (and I met Superman).  As recognition goes – this was a hit out of the park.

Onto to Friday I go……………………………………

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