As many of you know I love organization and planning so it should come as no surprise that I have started packing for my lake vacation next week. Yep that’s right clothes are in the suitcase and my list of things to buy and get done before vacation has been started. I know a week in advance is a little nuts but this is how my brain works, I need to know that I have everything I need and won’t be in a rush to pack. Plus I enjoy packing! Putting everything in its place and checking things off the list just makes me happy.

This early packing may be the cause of my always over packing and over thinking what I need but I don’t care. I am prepared for any weather event or occasion and we are driving so space is not an issue. I know I over pack and bring along items I probably won’t need or could buy on vacation but I have this need to have it with me to be prepared.

Just another quirky thing about me!

*Note: I wrote this post Wednesday night but forgot to hit Publish – I guess my mind was on packing!

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