The heat is on!

If you couldn’t tell by the never ending pictures of temperatures guages on Facebook we are going through a heat wave (or by walking outside). Temps have been over 100 for like 13 days!

Part of the reason I am keeping this blog is to have a historcal record of my thoughts at certain ages  milestones throughout my life and general information about what went on during the year. Well let this blog post serve as the post that reminds me how hot it got in the summer of 2012! I think we have been in a heat advisory for weeks and many deaths have been attributted to this heat wave.

I’m so ready for the heat to break and  to head towards fall. My favorite season!! I know that once we get down to the negative winter temperatures 115 might sound good but right now it just zaps my energy and makes half marathon training really really hard.

Sorry this was a complaing post!

Here is to a cool wave……………………………………


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