Cross training anyone?

When  I decided to run my 2nd half marathon I wanted to change up my training. My training plan last time consisted of me just running nothing else. I joined a training team and they put together a running plan for me that gave me the numbers of miles I should run on a daily basis and the days to rest.

I have been reading some running blogs and magazines and have come across several references to cross training. This helps build muscle which in turn helps your running. I found a running/cross training plan for half marathoners that I am trying to stick to.

My goal is to run more of the half this time and maybe not feel as wiped out as last time. Hopefully with running and cross training my body will be a little better prepared.

So my first cross training goal is Monday kickboxing. An added benefit to going to kickboxing on Monday is that it is also a stress reliever. Sometimes after a long day work you just want to punch someone – or that just me?


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