Date night!

Once a month Jake and I have a date night. We try to do some new activity or go to some event – more than just going out to dinner. We like to make it like we are still dating – which means he pays (just kidding we take turns paying for date night). To assist with date night planning we bought a date deck, which is basically a pack of cards with fun date ideas in the St. Louis area- and each card has coupons for that activity.

After going through the deck we couldn’t find anything that really stood out for the July date night so we started brainstorming and decided to head out to the St. Louis Mills mall. It has been years since either one of us had been out there so we thought we would check it out. Well lets just say it was a bust, we walked around and looked at the stores but we didn’t go in most of them because they were really just not our style. Although there was one major win, we stopped into the Cardinals Clubhouse store (really are you surprised?) and they were having this awesome sale. I got a Cardinals winter coat with the World Series logo embroidered on it for 20.00!

The outing to the Mills did not take as long as we expected so we decided to find a new place to eat for dinner. Of course neither one of us knew what we wanted so we drove aimlessly for awhile just have some general conversation and then it hit us! We had NEVER gone to a Mexican restaurant just the two of us. Any time we have been  in a Mexican restaurant together we have been surrounded by friends. “Lets get Mexican” is a phrase never used in our house when deciding on dinner, it’s more like lets get Chinese or pizza etc.

So with that fact we headed to El Nopal to have our first Mexican dinner date. The food was great and we got to watch the Cardinals CRUSH the Cubs over margaritas!

July date night started out a little rocky but in the end we had a great time just hanging out and not really doing anything but experiencing something new. With our busy schedules this was just what we needed. Who knows what the August date night will bring – stay tuned.



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