Bring on the new……………

Well a few new things have happened in my life over the past few weeks. One them being the promotion and NEW title I got at work. I am now an associate project manager – don’t believe me check out my business card below:

                                                 Nothing makes it official like business cards!

I’m super excited (and nervous) about the new position, but I work on a great team that will help  me through all the new stuff.  It is a great opportunity, so watch out world. Have I convinced you that I am confident?? Cause on the inside I am.freaking.out. I don’t deal with change well but at some point you have be an adult and look to the future and realize that changes and challenges are good things! They give you experiences and open doors you may not have realized were even there. For example, back in 2009 when I found out my HR position was being eliminated I could have just looked for something in the HR field but I took the leap took another position at Maritz that was completely different from anything I had studied or experienced. This position has allowed me to work with so many great people, learn new systems and software, travel and now expand my project management knowledge.

The other new thing in our lives is our new car!!! Yes, the non air conditioned truck is gone and Jake has his car back. We ended up getting a 2012 Ford Escape (thank goodness we got the 12 and not the 13 since they just recalled them!!). I am surprised at how comfortable I feel drving it, I have been a small car driver all my life. Even though this is bigger I feel just like I am driving a car except I sit higher up. Parking and reversing are a little different but I will get there – but you might want to park a little further from me -hehehe. And let me answer the question that is floating around in your head we are NOT expanding the family. We both liked the Escape and wanted something that could serve us in the same capacity as the truck – my main concern is getting our Christmas tree home from the tree farm.

What do you think – does it fit me??

So a few new (and exciting) things to the Risk household. We can’t believe summer is coming to end but are looking forward to cooler days — so I can use my new moon roof on the Escape! Till you read again


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