Here I am here I am!!

Did you think that I forget about this whole blog thing? Well I promise you I haven’t. My number list item got rescheduled so I kind of put off the blog. But then I decided there are plenty of other to blog about and didn’t I say I wanted to blog about more non list items this year. So I am getting back in the swing of things after a whirlwind of activities over the last couple of weeks.

One big thing is that I have decided (or was talked into by Jody McClelland) to run the Rock N Roll half marathon again this October. I know I know in past blog posts I had said I was fine sticking to 5K’s and never do another half again. Well over the last few months I have really been getting the itch to run another one, I just needed a little push (Thanks Jody!!). I have continued to run and do 5K’s but without an ultimate end goal in mind I could easily push of running. But when you have a 13.1 mile task in front of you, you keep to running schedule. Plus it kept me in great shape.

This time around I do plan to train a little differently and really do a lot of cross training to help build muscle and endurance. I even went to a running clinic hosted by a local running store. I feel like I could really power through longer this time. I would like to run at least half of it and shave 10 to 15 minutes off my time.

Not going to lie with the extreme heat we have been having my motivation to run has been pretty much in the negative zone. I have gone to the Y for early morning runs but I like running outside better, I feel like I am pushing myself more instead of the treadmill keeping me going.

And another great thing about running another half is………………..that I do blog updates. More running equals more blogging from me. Don’t worry it won’t be all about my running or an update everyday with ran 3 mi felt good. hehe. I promise to keep as new and exciting as I possibly can.

I hope you stick around to read about all the wacky events over the summer and to see what is number on my list. Plus the multitude of new list items.

As always thanks for reading!

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