Number 2: Go to IKEA

When I first created my list this was one of the main things I wanted to do. I have often heard people talk about what a neat place it was and recently they have even had commericals nationwide.

During a recent trip to Chicago I saw my opportunity to cross an item off my list. The store is about an hour outside of Chicago but it’s an easy drive. We got there right before it opened at 10 – you know so we had time to take pictures! It was funny there was another couple from Missouri who pulled up right after us and were taking the same pictures in front of the store – so I am not the only one that does silly things like this!

Since we were there right before the store opened and it was a Thursday morning there was not a crowd, Jake heard that sometimes it can be wall to wall people and he doesn’t handle crowds very well so we were excited that we were among only a handful of shoppers.

We walked through the many displays and it made us even more ready to move. We saw so many great room set ups and at a price we could afford – even more exciting!! I think Jake was surprised at how affordable the stuff was and how down to earth they style was – not to crazy and well within our tastes. We didn’t buy any furniture since we only had a car and not a truck but we did find some great dishes and hangers. Practical stuff but fun to say we got it at IKEA.

I was amazed at how large it was! (insert that’s what she comment here) And they have more than furniture – dishes, items to decorate and even a restaurant.

Below are some of our favorite displays. We would love to have the furniture (and the space) to display all of our books.

Plus we even bought a dog! Don’t worry he is stuffed – more of our style but he looks like our little Rufus so we couldn’t resist.

This was a fun little trip, we were shopping but we were also kind of playing. I would definitely come back to shop for furniture and decor of a home – only we a bigger vehicle!

They have these yellow bags everywhere to help you shop.
Spotted a crescent moon!

 Photo Ops!

 What could number one be??? Stay tuned.

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