Number 3: Learn how to play Bunco

A friend of mine was having a Bunco night at her house and while I had heard of Bunco I had never played it. So off I went with my appetizer in hand to learn how to play Bunco.

What is Bunco and how do you play? Find out here

It was a fun night, you basically are rolling the dice as fast as you can. I had not realized that you move around so you get to meet new people (in my case). Plus you play at minute intervals so things are pretty fast paced.

I don’t see me joining in of the Bunco clubs that have become popular (my mom even joined a Bunco club) but I am glad I know how to play this game. It is easy game that can be played virtually anywhere you have a group of people and some dice. I am a huge board game fan but carrying around games and keeping track of pieces can get annoying.

I am glad I have added this game to my repertoire because I just can’t seem to grasp poker or a lot card games. Since this is a game that is becoming more and more popular when some suggests a game of cards I can say or how about Bunco?

Do you  Bunco?

My Bunco scorecard

2 items left until I get to 50. Stay tuned cause I have the next one scheduled for mid June.


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