Number 4: Run on a beach

Waikiki Beach – location of my run

Recently I was in Hawaii on a business trip. Yes, you read that right a business trip. Anyway one morning I decided to see the sights and get a run in at the same time – especially since I was steps away from the beach.

 I have only been running for about a year half so even though I have had many beach vacations in my life I have never gone for a run on the beach.  I was one of those people in my beach chairs thinking that person is nuts for running. But things change and I am now calling myself a runner and what kind of runner would I be if I didn’t run on the beach when I had the opportunity.

A sweaty picture of me during my run on the beach

Many people run barefoot but I HATE to be barefoot in any situation so I went for my run in my usual attire – shorts, light weight t-shirt, socks and tennis shoes. It was about 7 am when I got to the beach and already there were runners out and even groups of army recruits in fatigues out for training runs. I let them pass before I began my run, not knowing how this would go I wanted as little witnesses as possible. Plus me trying to keep up with army recruits – not going to happen.

With my music turned up high and my GPS turned on I began my run and quickly found out that running on a beach is hard. I expected it to feel different like constantly stepping in something soft and mushy. Nope! It was like constantly climbing out a hole. My legs were working up a storm to push through the sand – wet or dry. It was a great workout but I didn’t get as far as I thought I would.  My total mileage was 2.03 in 26 minutes and 36 seconds which is about a 13.06 pace (thank you GPS). On concrete or gravel I usually keep about an 11 minute pace.

I only ran on the beach one time during the trip, all other runs were on the sidewalk parallel to beach. It provided the same great views and allowed me to run just a little further. Running on the beach was fun and was an excellent workout but I am fine with sticking to the sidewalk. A down side to running on the beach is that you get sand in your shoes and your socks and then it stays with you for a long time. As I unpacked I was finding sand everywhere – which made me miss the beach! I think I will stick to lounging in my beach chair and watching the runners pass.

3 more to go!!
Another sweaty pic of me – had to get one with palm trees!

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