Quatrième Anniversaire

About a month ago Jake and I celebrated our 4th anniversary or in french quatrième anniversaire. Why in french you might ask? Maybe I am just trying to open you up to some culture or it’s the fact that we went to Vin De Set for dinner to celebrate our anniversary. It’s not a french restaurant it just has a french name, check them out by clicking here.

Anyway, back to the point of this post. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that I lived for 21 years without Jake in my life. From the moment we met back in 2003 we have been almost inseparable. There have been fights and times when I wanted to punch him in the face but the majority of the time we are so in love and couldn’t imagine life with out one another. Married life has definitely been good to us and there are never any regrets. As we drove to the restaurant for dinner we began to reminisce about our wedding day and both us agreed that there were no butterflies or nervous feelings. We both knew that getting married was right and that we were ready. Neither of us can understand these people that freak out the morning of the wedding. Don’t get me wrong, I was a little nervous about tripping over my dress and other silly things like that. However, there were no nerves about taking spending the the rest of my life with Jake.  

 As many of you know Jake and I are following the traditional yearly gift list – here is a link to the list http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wedding_anniversary. It can sometimes be challenging to find the perfect gift that fits into the yearly category; for example year 4 linen and silk. Jake rose to the occasion, for linen he got me these monogrammed linen cocktail napkins and kitchen towels

For silk he had my wedding dress preserved. My dress has been stuffed under our guest bed since the day after we were married and desperately need to be cleaned. I did some major dancing on the dance floor that night, even some rolling around on the floor for a particular dance so it was pretty dirty. This was a great gift because having my dress preserved was something I thought about doing but never got around to doing. Plus the dress was a reminder of our wedding day – the reason we were celebrating. When Jake thought of this idea he thought my dress was made of silk, when he found out it wasn’t he went the smooth as silk theme.
So now I bet you are wondering what I got him. For silk I got him 2 silk ties and for linen I had a piece of linen embroidered with the Austrian flag. Our house is covered in shamrocks and green and Jake doesn’t have an Irish bone in his body. So I thought I would give him something from his background to display in the house – it only took 5 years!
As I stated earlier we went to Vin De Set for a nice dinner out on the patio. It was a clear night and we could see most of the St. Louis skyline. Below is a picture of us pre-dessert (cheesecake on the house in honor of our anniversary).

We had an appetizer of steak tar -tar. I wasn’t a fan but the crackers were good.

I continued testing my palate with ox tail for dinner. It was pretty good, a little hard to work with. At one point Jake was cutting my meat for me. What a great husband huh?
Anniversary number 4 was great! We got to spend the whole evening together and there were presents. I am so glad we always take the time to make our anniversary special instead of just making it like any other day. We are truly meant for each other and I can’t wait to see what another year of marriage brings.

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