The Last of my 20’s

* Note – this post was written prior to turning 30 – it’s just a little delayed.

Wow I can’t believe my 20’s are coming to an end! It’s seems like only yesterday I was choosing a high school, getting ready to drive, moving into my dorm, meeting the love of my life etc. Time is flying so fast!

It’s crazy how two numbers a 3 and a 0 can be sooooo scary. I don’t feel 30, I feel more like 26/27 (I know big difference right). Many people say the numbers aren’t important it’s how you feel. I do see some truth in this but I still have to say 30 when someone asks my age. I guess I would rather just be in my 20’s than 30’s. Another downfall of the 30’s is whole having kids things – now when I say we don’t want kids the looks become more like your clock is ticking so you better change your mind fast instead of the confused looks I was getting before. I think that might be why I am dreading 30.

Looking back at my 20’s I can’t believe how life changing that decade ended up to be. In my 20’s I graduated college, I got a real job, Jake and I bought a house and got married, I changed jobs, I lost one of the most important people in life,I ran a half marathon, I became an aunt – 3 times! Each of these events was life changing and have made me the person I am today.

I feel lucky that I got to experience so many events and I am excited to see what my 30’s will bring. I want to keep my current lifestyle – hanging with friends, volunteering and just having a good time. Just because my age starts with a 3 instead of 2 doesn’t mean I need to change who I am or how I am living my life. I know I will make 30 just as great 20 because of the people in my life – I am so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends.

So as I turn 30 I want to thank all those that have entered my life, each of you has impacted me. Cheers to 30 and beyond!!

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