Can we say over-scheduled???

Have you missed me? This past month has been a blur! Pretty much since 2012 started I have had some meeting, event, training etc to attend. Looking at my calendar I think there were a total of 2 nights in January that I didn’t have to be anywhere after work, although I was working on some project from the comfort of my couch.

Although it may sound like I am complaining I promise you I am not. While sometimes it can get a little crazy trying to juggle everything I wouldn’t want it any other way. I love to plan and be involved, yes relaxing is great but if I spent a majority of my time doing nothing I wouldn’t feel as fulfilled as I do.

All of my involvements do cause me to be super busy at times and sometimes I feel like I don’t have the time for those closest to me. I struggle with trying to fit everything in and give everyone my full attention. If my name is associated with something I want to put my “all” into it and not doing anything half assed (pardon my language). There have been several times, this month in particular, when I have asked myself “I am doing too much?” I can honestly say yes but when I ask myself “What would I cut out or back on?” I can’t answer that question. I WANT to be involved, if something did become a chore I think I would be able to reevaluate how it fit into my life.

It should be noted that when you look at my calendar you will see that stuff scheduled that is just for me and really does affect others like running with my training team or the cake decorating class I will be taking on Sundays in February. I think it is important to notice that I do take time for me and I do find the time for the things I want to do and this can sometimes include family and friends. As I said earlier I do worry about the effect it can have on those closest to me, but I don’t think I can take all the blame. Everyone has busy lives and coordinating open times can be difficult. Believe it or not I do have several free nights coming up!

However, after making it through this month I do realize that I need to watch my scheduling and try to not schedule so much. I truly think it was the timing of the events not the amount that caused January to become so busy. But I do want to watch that, in the future I try to slow down the scheduling and really make time for those that are important in my life. I don’t want my name to come up and immediately everyone things oh she is probably to busy. I want to be there for each of you as much as I can.

Bet you thought this was going to be a list post! Well I want to do more general blogging in 2012 as well as list blogging. Lets just ignore the fact that I have been to busy to think of list items. I do have one up my sleeve for this summer but I am taking suggestions.

Thanks again for reading. Looking forward to an exciting 2012.

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