Number 8: Make a diaper cake

I love registries, it makes gift giving so much easier and you know it is something the person wants/needs. That being said I also love putting my own personal touches on gifts. So when I found out I had a nephew on the way I knew there would be multiple showers – and multiple gift opportunities. I decided that I wanted to try to make a diaper cake for one of the showers – and if I failed there was always the registry or my other love monogramming to fall back on.

Making a diaper cake when you are not really familiar with diapers can be a bit nerve wracking. There are so many choices in diapers! Size, cut, style – they make diapers to look like blue jeans these days. Crazy. Standing in the diaper aisle at Target I must have looked like a deer in head lights, but I decided on the diapers with Sesame Street on them – you can’t go wrong with Sesame Street right?

As usual I Googled “diaper cake” (I really don’t know what I would do without Google) and I found several thousand links to how to build a diaper cake. I decided on the one with step by step pictures.

I cleared off the dinning room table and began to build. You use a bottle of lotion or baby wash for the base of the cake. Then you roll and rubber band the diapers to build the bottom and biggest layer of the cake.

I used a pretty plate I found at an after Christmas sale but you can use a large piece of cardboard.

The base is done! I used the ribbon to further secure the diapers along with rubber bands.

I was so happy when I was I finished with the base – it looked like the picture in the instructions I had Googled! Always a good sign that I was on the right track. Now onto the 2nd tier, which is built pretty much the same way as the first except it is all diapers (but you use less diapers).

Two tiers done!

The final tier is just a little smaller. You need a another lotion or baby bottle to build this tier. Then you can add ribbon to hide the rubber bands or missed rolled diapers, fun toys or onsies or shoes.

All done! I did remove the onsie before gifting because it would not balance and it just didn’t fit in with the decor.

Super cute sandals as the topper. I added washcloths and a plastic key toy.
The cake was fun to make and decorate. Also decorating is very forgiving you can hide a lot with ribbon or toys! On the day of the shower as I moved the cake to the car and then into the party I felt like I was on one of those cake challenge shows taking slow steps to make sure the cake stayed on the plate. It took a little balancing and I had to set it down carefully so the top tier didn’t fall off. It could be easily fixed but how embarrassing.

I think she liked it!
Now onto lucky number 7!


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