Oooops! Resolution addition

In all the excitement of the new year and writing my post I left off a resolution! Silly me. The resolution that I was missing was cook more. I know I know most of you are chuckling or calling the fire department to warn them!

I don’t plan to be flambéing anything anytime soon but I would like to get the basics of cooking down. I am always printing off recipes or cutting them out of magazines and they are beginning to pile up. This resolution will help me get into the kitchen more and also weed through the recipes. My goal is to try one new recipe a week – and blog about it.

Per my “list” rules each new recipe I try will not count as a list item. When I started the list I said I would limit the amount of things in a certain category. I wanted the list to have a nice variety not just a list of foods I tried or places we visited, etc. Every once and awhile I might include one depending on the recipe or the techniques.

I am accepting recipes and any kitchen tips and tricks you want to pass on.


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