2012 is here? Already?

Wow 2012 is here! I can’t believe it has been a year since I started “The List”. If you have been keeping track you will notice that I made it to 40 new things – and technically it’s 41. I did complete one more item in 2011 but it’s a gift so I can’t blog about it yet.
But you know the best thing about New Year’s resolutions – they can be broken or updated! Which means the list continues in 2012!!! But I am not stopping at 50. I want to make it to 50 but I don’t want to stop at 50. I will continue to try new things (and blog about them); I just don’t have a set number I want to get to – to infinity and beyond as Buzz Lightyear would say.
So I didn’t do 50 new things, I came close. I know some things might have been pushing the envelope on new things but everything was new to me whether it was little or big.
While I want to continue the list for 2012 I do have a few other resolutions.
  • Keep running
  • Calm down – don’t stress about the things I can’t change (this is going to be difficult!!)
  • Blog more – most of my blog this year was the list, I want to incorporate more posts that are not list related.
Jake and I also have some joint resolutions
  • Stop wasting food – we often plan a menu, shop for the food and over the course of the week we change our minds or give into the temptation of going out to eat
  • Be more environment conscious – recycle whenever we can – not when we feel like it and bring our reusable bags to the grocery store (we only have like 100 of them!)
I know a lot of people think New Year’s Resolutions are silly or dumb. A lot of resolutions don’t make it past the first week but there are times when resolutions can be life changing. The list might not have changed your life but it changed mine.
Without the list I probably would not have started running and running has helped me not only with my weight loss goal but keeps me healthy and has introduced me to many new friends. The list gave me a ton of new experiences and the courage to go out do things I always wanted to try.
Life is so chaotic these days that we put things off and then we put them off some more and sometimes we don’t find the time for them. That was a big reason why I started the list, there is so much fun and new stuff out there if you don’t make an effort to do it you won’t (at least in my case). And some of these items included spending time with family and friends which made the experience even more special.

I have a few list items up my sleeve for 2012 so stay tuned!
And again thanks for reading!


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