Number 11: Read the Bible

(This is my Bible from high school)

Yes, I attended Catholic school most of my life and we read Bible verses or listened to the Bible being read. Anytime I read the Bible it was for an assignment and often I was only skimming for the information I needed. But over the past year I have set aside time each week to sit down and read the Bible. This gives me the opportunity to read at my own pace and to really take in the words.

Since Jake and I reading the 100 greatest novels I thought I would add reading the entire Bible. It’s going to take me a while to finish the Bible -especially since I am only reading once a week. But I think this is better than dedicating all my reading time to reading the Bible. I think I would get tired of it and see it more as a task not something enjoyable.This way I can take me time and give it the time it deserves.

While I wouldn’t call it a page turner, the time I spend each week reading the Bible is very peaceful. I don’t agree with some of what is written in the Bible but I respect the teachings. Catholic school was such a big part of my life and at times I don’t think I fully appreciated my Catholic education. My time spent reading the Bible is a way for me to continue practicing and growing my faith.

Here we go to number 10!!! Did you think I would make it this far??


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