Number 13: Listen to a book on tape/cd.

I love to read and picking up a book is a major stress reliever for me. Books on tape always sounded so boring to me. What do you do while you are listening? Just sit and stare? I decided to give the book on tape thing a shot.

The library had a pretty good selection of books on tape or actually books on CD. I looked through the titles and was careful not to choose one that was on the 100 Greatest Novels list or one that was on our book shelf at home. I decided on a Danielle Steel book, I had never read anything by her and it looked relatively short.

Each of the 9 CD’s had about 100 45 second tracks. This was very helpful incase I needed to take the CD from one location to another. I mainly listened to the book while I was driving to and from work or while doing errands. I did occasionally listen during my lunch hour at work.

If I was going on a long trip or had a long commute I would definitely be into books on CD more. It did help pass the time and it was easy to get into the book. However, I found that as I was listening to the book I kept wanting to pick up the actual book and start reading. This would definitely not change my reading style. I like having the book in my hands and feeling the pages. It also gives me a major sense of accomplishment when I finish a book. With an actual book you can physically see the start and the end. Also I like seeing what other people are reading, maybe they are reading something that interests me.

So final conscientious on books on tape/cd they are ok and are good for the right situations (trips, long commutes) but I am sticking to the old school book with pages and words.

I’m on my way to number 12………………………..


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