Number 15 Get up early and shop on Black Friday

( Me with my gift lists, coupons and gift cards – ready to shop)

Yes, I have been shopping on Black Friday but it was more of something to do since we were in Bloomington, IL visiting family for the holiday. I was never out to find a deal or get some hot item. But this year I thought I would give the Black Friday madness a shot.

This year differed a little in that some stores and malls were opening at midnight as opposed to 4 or 5 am in years past. Many people were outraged that stores were opening so much earlier this year. Truthfully I didn’t have a problem with it for a couple of reasons – but I will stay off my soapbox.

We went to Thanksgiving at Jake’s grandma’s till about 4pm. On the way home we stopped at Jack n the Box for yet another meal – we ate at like 1 and my body needed some fuel for the evening. After I ate I forced myself to take a nap till about 10:00. I got around 10 changed into comfy and warm clothes and then headed to get in line at Target.
When I arrived I could easily park however, the line was around the side of the building by the time I found the end. Everyone was in good spirits and excited for the doors to open. Some people had even made Black Friday Team Shopping shirts or had a cheering section waiting for them when they exited the store. I was amazed at the energy and excitement that people put into this “event”.

(The line just before the doors opened)
Since I didn’t have a shopping buddy I brought the next best thing – a book. I was the girl standing in line all bundled up reading a book, I know I am nerd but it made the time go by faster. At one point the employees walked around handing out free Luna energy bars and maps of the store. They also told us that they would be letting people in the door in groups of about 40 then waiting 30 seconds and letting in the next group of people.  As it got closer to opening time the line began to move a little, many of the people in line had brought chairs and blankets so when they packed up there stuff everyone in line was able to move closer together.
When the doors opened the line calmly moved towards the door. I was actually in the store by ten after 12. Most everyone was headed directly to the electronic department. I grabbed a cart (which I was relieved to get) and began to peruse the store and check out the deals. At one point I was checking out an item and a girl behind me came up to grab three of the items (don’t worry there were plenty) her friend said do we need three? And the girl goes “this is black friday you don’t think you just grab”. That was pretty much the only craziness I saw. Everyone was really well behaved and no one was rude or started any fights.

(I saw some interesting things while standing in line in the 30 degree weather. I guess he didn’t want to be hot in the store???)


(The bars they handed out to us while we stood in line, the packaging says Don’t drop while you shop! So cute and fun.)
After I had been shopping for awhile and gotten a few gifts I decided to get in line to checkout. The checkoutline snaked through the aisles up to the cashier, as it did I was able to pick up a few items I needed like Kleenex- so it was a productive trip all around. I stood in line about an hour to checkout. After I had loaded up my car I headed to the mall, I figured since I was up I might as well get some more shopping done. The parking lot was not very full and the mall was not very crowded – I think the longest line was at Starbucks. Not all the stores were open but I did stop in a few and got a few more gifts. I got home and climbed into bed about 3am. Then I was back up at 6am to hit Michaels and Joannes for more shopping. I was done shopping by 9am and had most of my Christmas shopping done!

Black Friday shopping was fun and productive but I think next year I will sleep in and hit the sales early am if at all. If I had to get a big item or I really wanted a discount on something I might consider doing it again but I would need a buddy and we would get the item and go. There was a lot excitment in the air on black friday and you can really get caught up in the excitement like when the girl behind me grabbed three items I kind felt like I should grab three. AHHHH!

We are on our way to number 14………………….

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