Number 16: Buy something off of Craigslist

I have always been a little unsure about Craigslist. It works like Ebay accept that you have to actually see the person that you are buying the item from (or selling the item to). But I was a mission for an item and a deal!

My friend Meagan owns a cricut machine, here is a little blurb from the website for those of you who have no idea what I am talking about.
Cricut® personal electronic cutters allow you to get amazing creative results with the touch of a button. Cricut machines with the Cricutcartridges cut beautiful designs and alphabets for card making, home décor, scrapbooking, paper crafting, and more. Imagine theprojects you can create with Cricut. Your results with the Cricut are only limited by your imagination.
I had only planned to use it to cut out some letters for a poster I was making and then return it. However, I became addicted and began to think of all the wonderful projects I could make. A friend told me that she used her machine to cut material to make clothes and accessories. So I first logged onto some local craft stores to see what the machine retailed for new which was about 150.00 to 200.00 a little more than I wanted to spend on my new obsession.
Next I began to search Ebay and Amazon to try to find something in my price range. I did bid on several on Ebay but was always quickly outbid. I even bid on one of the cricut cake machines – this one cuts decorations for cakes and cupcakes. After getting outbid several times on that item I gave up on Ebay and turned to Craigslist. I found several machines that I was interested in at the price I was interested in. Since I had had bad luck before I tried not to get my hopes when I sent the seller of the 60.00 cricut an email, figuring it would have been gone already since the ad had been up for a few weeks.
To my surprise it was still available! The seller did mention that her son had stuck dinosaur stickers on the machine. So I decided to try my negotiating skills and asked if she would take 55.00. She said yes she would and just like I was the owner of a cricut machine.
My new cricut (complete with dino stickers)!!
Now came the fun part (not!) – setting up a place to meet. Like I said I had avoided Craigslist because you never know what kind of weirdos you are going to come across. Plus there have been several news stories about people using Craigslist to lure people to them and then kill them. As it worked out this seller lived near me and was able to meet me at a vendor show I was doing.
The machine works great and I am having ton of fun working on my new projects! This was definitely a good experience, I might just try it again. Now if only I could find an embroidery machine I would be set – but I may never leave the house except to get craft supplies!!!!

Onto to number

 (I made these on my cricut!!!)

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