Number 17: Ride In A Sailboat (and steer)

Recently we took a trip to San Diego, CA. We had a great time and got to enjoy many of the sites of the city. One of the activities on our agenda was a sailboat cruise of the San Diego harbor. Our captain was a really fun guy and he even let each of us take a turn steering the sailboat. He did all the hard work of putting up the sails and getting us on course and then turned the wheel over to anyone who wanted to try.
Steering was pretty easy, you just kind of stay out of the way of other boats and against the wind. It helps to find a fixed point on land and steer towards that. It did make me feel kind of powerful holding the wheel of the big boat. It was fun to be at the wheel of the boat but I am just as happy leaving the captaining to the professionals. To get a sailboat out on the water and on course is a lot of hard work you don’t just get in and go. The boat did have a motor so we could speed up our trip if wanted.

We all had good time on our ride and even got to see some dolphins – some wild and some being trained by the Marines! We were right across from a very large Marine base, so we got to see several Marine ships docked and in the harbor. There was also a helicopter that was training Marines by dropping them in the water and then pulling them back up to the helicopter on a wire.

The sailboat cruise was fun and we got to see a lot cool and beautiful things but if I had more choice I would much rather be on a speedboat – not that we are in the market for a boat anytime soon.
This was a special item because I got to share it with Jake, mom, Dan and Sharon. Back to St. Louis for number 16…………………..

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